Fall hopelessly in love in October...

Fall in love in October.

The perfect month, the perfect time of year. You'll find it all in October. The gentle warm waters, the powdery white sand. Recline all afternoon on a beach bed with the best book yet. At low tied beach-comb gathering up your favourite shells. And watch the blanket of stars tossed high in the Algarve sky just after dusk.

Autumn is a time to stroll hand in hand on the beach under the less harsh sun. Then stop for coffee, a chilled beer or a great bottle of local wine and snack at a beach side restaurant. The Algarvians are so relieved that the crush of summer is over; they will happily chat with you and tell you their secrets, favourite places to visit, and their favourite meals in little way-side cafes.

Everyone has time in October, but the best thing is it still feels almost like summer. The water is still dazzling, the sun still has its warm golden glow. You'll still get a great tan, without the scorching heat of the summer. And everything is still open and waiting for you!ou can see the Algarvian and expat locals walking their dogs on the boardwalks or beach and throwing sticks for them to retrieve. There are a thousand and one varieties of dogs. You'll rarely see two the same because this is the province where dogs are re-homed by the animal charities for 'free', as long as they go to a happy home where they'll be safe, no matter what their mix. Some dogs are even given 'doggie passports' so they can travel home with their new owners. Hundreds of stray dogs are re-homed every year by charities such as Cadela Carlota (Lady Charlotte's Dog), The New Goldra Animal Rescue, Bridgette Hicks, SOS Algarve, The Friends of Portimao Canil etc. (If you're a real dog lover any of these charities would be happy to have you walk their dogs while you are here. You may even fall in love and decide to get the 'doggie passport' and take him/her home!) You can easily find deserted parts of the beach, where you can dream away while stretched out under the sun. Go to the far west of Alvor beach (1 km. From Alvor), the far east of Meia Praia beach (just out of Lagos), and you'll be the only on in sight.

Come to the Algarve in September/October everyone agrees its the BEST time of all. The ocean is warm. The hordes of summer tourists have left. The children are back at school. Often the warm 'sueste' winds blow across the Sahara into the Algarve with its heated air and gentle breezes keeping the temperatures and water warm. At the time of the fall solistice (Sept 21/22) there's a huge glowing harvest moon and the night becomes almost as light as the day. With this gorgeous moon shining down on the water, you'll want another romantic star-lite walk. And fall in love all over again..... with the Algarve.