Portuguese Liqueurs & Brandies

Below are some of the special Portuguese drinks, 100% made in Portugal and available to try in every bar by the glass. Later pick yourfavoritesto buy to take home. Remember all liquids must be packed in your suitcase notin your carry on! Think of the coldwinternights you can sit by thefiresideand enjoy a Portuguese brandy.

Portuguese Liqueurs & Brandies


 With luscious fresh fruit all year round, the natural ingredients for liqueurs and brandies are plentiful. The most popular liqueurs include:
  • Almond Liqueur utterly delicious on ice
  • Amarguinha bitter sweet almonds
  • Tijuana, similar to coffee liqueur
  • Orange Liqueur
  • Liqueur Beiro made from a secret receipt of 14 ingredients
  • Fig Liqueur (Figueira)
  • Brandy Mel, a honey brandy
  • Cherry Liqueur (ginja) There are dozens of 'Ginja's bars in Lisbon that only serve 'Ginja', in small glasses. Itcures every illness!
  • Peach Liqueur


Portuguese Brandies, are known for being strong and smooth. The most popular liqueurs include:
  • Croft
  • Macieira
  • Constantino
  • Aguardentes
  • Medronho, otherwise known as firewater made with the Medronho berries, a small red berry that looks a bit like a strawberry


Portuguese Liqueurs & Brandies

Portugal is world famous for its Ports;which make a very good gift for a port connoisseur or a wine lover. Port is amix of brandy and red wine or white wine, aged in oak barrels. The alcohol content is much higher than wine alone. White port is drunk chilled as an aperitif, while red port is drunk as an after dinner drink, often with cheese. The port that has been made in a vintage year, may be laid down longer to 'rest' and age, making it very much more expensive. There is no limit to the value that a bottle of Port might fetch if put up for auction, or even private sale. Some Portuguese collect Ports as you might collect coins. And then at the appropriate time sell off the collection, or sell off individually to fund their retirement. One restaurant in the Algarve has over 7,000 bottles of Port and Wine laid down in their wine cellar, as a 'resource' for their future.