With the coming of mid October we expect a change in the weather. But still the temperature is 25 to 30 degrees with a cloudless blue sky.
Suddenly, with little warning, a massive cloud front roles in from the north, bringing refreshing rain and an end to the long dry season and a dormant earth.


The magnificent clouds with accompanying thunder and lightening decorate the sky with rain and renew the plants, trees and flowers. One night of torrential rain and the next day we already see tiny shoots of green. The magic of a second spring is upon us in October.

The farmers can start to plant a second crop with knowledge that further rains will nourish and develop the fruits of the fall season.


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field of wild lupins west coast 2009

Three days after the rain we once again have Algarve’s clear blue sky with  25 to  30 degrees Celsius temperatures (75 to 85 Fahrenheit) and people are frolicking on the beach and basking in a warm s’western (Swest) wind that makes the water temperatures as warm as in peak summer.

Queteira Sunset over beach

Queteira Sunset over beach

Armao de Pera, beach at sunset

Carvoeiro Town Beach