On October 19 at 3pm, the thermostat in my kitchen window is reading 30 degrees Celsius (86F)!
It has been a long hot summer, but even with the heat today, we know that at any time the rains could come.
At 6pm the thermostat outside on the terrace is still reading 25 degrees Celcius.
And we’re still waiting for rain. Well not exactly waiting. We love the heat and the sun, but know that the barragens (reservoirs), that bring water to much of the Algarve are very low.

In spite of the heat and relentless sunshine, there are plants that thrive with little or no water. Some live off the morning dew. Others manage to exist with very little water for months.

These photos show plants that have not just survived but thrived through the heat.

The Jade plant (often called the money tree, for the belief that Jade plant brings wealth), also some roses, continue to bloom.



The Nicotiana plant, with red or yellow flowers, opens its blooms in the evening, being pollinated by night flying moths.
And of course all manner of cactus and succulents. The prickly pear brings forth its fruit in the summer.





The magnificent Bougainvillea shows off brilliant pinks and fuchsia all summer,

flaming bougainvilla
The multicoloured Oleander, the pink, purple or white although beautiful, beware as this plant is poisonous if ingested.



Red lanterna with its orange-red and yellow blooms thought the whole summer.

The Angel Trumpet, Datura has its magnificent trumpet-shaped blooms, the Cistas with its large, white flowers blooms in May but continue to grow throughout the summer.

Fragrant shrubs chart; Jun'11; Brugmansia, 'Angel's Trumpet'

Rosemary, many species of lavender, and some herbs and the brilliant lilac coloured wisteria can all be seen at some time during the summer.


They say its supposed to rain this weekend. When it comes it may be torrential rain that will wash clear all our streets, and drench our gardens, allowing a new cycle of growth for our other plants. But we really want it to rain at night.

credit to Kathie Lancaster for plants