No one wants to talk about possible danger on the beaches and from the towering cliffs of Portugal, but a little caution is well worth it.

It is important to beware of high waves and always stay with the little ones when they are in the water.
Man fishing


The first safety tip is to pay close attention to the signs on the beach. Green flags indicate safety for bathers, yellow is caution, best to stay near shore, and not advisable for smaller swimmers.


The red means dangerous conditions and no one is to venture into the sea. Notice where the life-saving cabins are on the beach and be prepared to go there if necessary. (Note these are unattended in the winter.)

Lifeguards have jet skis for quick rescues and are all trained in life saving techniques. Swim safely within the buoyed area as these areas prohibit the use of jet skis or other water machines. The most important safety recommendation, is to follow every precaution when in the water.
You must always be careful of undertows, especially on the west coast when enjoying large waves on any beaches. Watch the other swimmers and see how far out they are going.
Don’t let small children venture out by themselves when there are large waves. It only takes a moment of distraction to loose track of them.
Never go too near the cliffs to get a better view, or to take photo shots as an unexpected wave can knock you off a rocky outcrop.
Remember safety should always be your first concern.


The hundreds of beaches the Algarve has to offer make a wonderful all year playground. Use them wisely and you will have a fantastic all year paradise. Some say Portuguese beaches are the most beautiful in the World, it is easy to see why! Just remember to maintain an eye to safety.