I had never been to Portugal although it had long been on my bucket list. The stories of warm climate, endless beaches and cafes with fine wines and lovely people left me intrigued. That curiosity became a reality this fall as I boarded a plane from Canada and ended up at the Faro airport to meet a dear friend who resides there.

In the first few days,of October, not withstanding the usual jet lag, I was out and about with my friend discovering some of the more unique and charming aspects of Alvor. Even in the fall the temperatures seemed nothing less than balmy although local folks were wearing sweaters.

People were still beach combing on the beach and some wandering into the water for a quick splash. Boats tied up along the beach shore waiting to go out for the nightly catch.

Ferragudo, fisherman's boat

Picture 3 IMG_3834 vista frente restaurante

Surely this is a matter of acclimatization, but for those who come from away, who could ask for more from a fall day. The beginnings of the fall rain seemed to me to only freshen the atmosphere as greenery began to emerge after the long rainless summer.


A morning walk along the beach searching for shells followed by one’s favourite coffee and pastry at any local cafe seemed like nothing more than the most natural way to spend time. Lunch likewise brought so many choices: fish, toasts or perhaps a glass of wine or beer to accompany the mid-day fare were readily available before choosing a tantalizing dessert.



Afternoons left time for leisurely exploring of shops, natural wonders or a lovely nap to prepare oneself for evening activities. As restaurants abound it is mostly a matter of trying the various dishes first hand or chatting with people about their favourites. Mostly, it is hard to go wrong when it comes to the variety of fare available.

fisherman1s7 fishermans rest, 8


The lifestyle of the Alvor seems relaxed and accommodating to a variety of interests and tastes. I for one am looking forward to more exploration of all this charming land and people have to offer. I sense that I have only just begun this delightful journey.