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mamaratona-run-for-life-raise-money-for Cancer research. This year there were over 5000 participants trying to raise money for a home where people who are undergoing treatment can stay close to the FARO Hospital in without having to drive all the way from they home each day plus cancer research and treatment.


The Mamamaratona charity run in aid of the Algarve Oncology Association is back and this year the event took place on October 16.
The cancer walk/run is open to anyone who pays the small entrance fee of 7,50€, for which all participants receive a TShirt.

Booths open at 8am. Run starts at 10. There is the possibility of doing the full walk/run or half the walk/run.


The Algarve Cancer Association (ACA – AOA) in partnership with Portimão City Council (PCC), and Associao de Atletismo do Algarve (AAA) aim to perform the MAMAMARATONA 16 event that has as its main objectives:

To raise awareness to the importance of early detection of cancer, and breast cancer in particular, since the event takes place in October, the Pink Month of breast cancer awareness

To make people aware of the importance of having a healthy lifestyle and to raise funds for all cancer awarness and treatment.



The event consists of Walk/Run of 8Km or 16km, on October 16th with participants started at the Old Fish Market by the river in Portimão. The walk/run started at 10pm.



For more information regarding the program, regulations and registration of the official competitions please visit the Associao de Atletismo do Algarve’s website www.aaalgarve.org