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Gorgeous bespoke Jackets   Gorgeous bespoke Jackets, Tia Lin Originals[/caption]

These shops are spread across the Algarve from Almancil to Burgau. Sometimes it is hard to find the 'good' shops from all the 'touristy souvenirs'. Here's a short list to get you started. All aredefinitelyworth the drive.For the exact locations click on the links and check the town they are located in. Download the maps to take with you.

  • Apolonia Supermarkets in both Almancil and Gal. Head here if you want to see the amazing variety of Algarvian products. Also sell products from every corner of the world, gourmet items, special wines, ports, fresh sushi, baked goods & unique desserts. All everyday products to gourmet delicacies. This is a giant supermarket you dont want to miss.bakery

  • Tialin,Art deModa,Art of Fashion - Alvor. Specially madegarments from this design studio in Alvor. The owner has a masters of design and makes every jacket in the shop. Fabulous collection of jackets & dresses in a unique combination of colours/ fabrics, including texturedcottons, linens, silks etc. Each is work of art, labelled `TIALIN`original .Tel 926682836

  • Cork Products in Alvor & Silves - Extensive range of cork productsfound only in Portugal: cork bags, belts, hats, ties, table mats, coasters etc.

  • Leather Goods, Delta Pele - Alvor. Top quality, hand-made Portuguese leather products. From belts to bags to briefcases.Tel 282 457 175 or 938 252 484

  • Filine Fashions- Armao de Pra. For size 12 or over this shop has a very good selection of contemporary, classic ladies fashion from European designers. Casual separates & unique accessories. Reasonably priced. The ownertakes time to fit you perfectly. Size 12 -XXL.Tel 914 538 888.

  • Casa VelhaCeramics - Carvoeiro. Algarve's largest collection of hand painted ceramics, in an open air market.

  • Porches Pottery, Started by the famous Irish painter in the late 60, his famioly still carries on his work, painting in traditional Portuguese patterns.

  • La Loja- Three shops, Albufeira Old Town, Vilamoura & Faro. Top quality, high fashion & glamour in shoes, fashion accessories, costumejewelry, bags and dresses for special occasions. Natural cork items. Everything made in Portugal with private label. One of a kind

  • Coco Shells, shops in Lagos and Luz Bar. A large collection of costume jewellery that you would pay masses more for at home. Everything guaranteed for life.Gorgeous jewelery, clothes, bags etc.

  • Apumanke Shop - Algarves' largest collection of handmade quality sterling silverjewelryby local artisans. Many pieces incorporate semi precious stones.Absolutely fabulous designs by individual craftsman..Tel

  • Oceana Boutique Old town Albufeira, in Hotel California shopping mall. Carries French styles and designs with mix of colourful cottons/linens/wools all beautifully cut to fit perfectly.Quality at sensible prices. small - XXL.Tel 289585465

  • Health Shop - Praia da Luz. The owner, Marie, has been selling health products for over 35 years. Largest stock of natural & organic products in the Algarve and they can advise on all natural health remedies. In the little lane of shops in front of the parking for Baptista Supermarket. Tel 282 788 353 www.algarvemovie/he

  • Lara Shoes- Albufeira The Strip. Small but well chosen shoe shop, with shoes you can actually walk in and feel good about. See them on Facebook

Watch for our further recommended shops later in the season. Or if you have specific shopping questions get in touch and we will try to help you locate what you are looking for.

Or let us know your favourite shops and we can discover them and add them to our travels & lists!


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