Algarve Balloons


N125 20
City / Postal-code
8600-302, Lagos
914 532 300
GPS Coordenates
37° 7' 19.91" N, 8° 40' 37.08" W


Discover new highs with Algarve Balloons See the Algarve from a whole new perspective: Algarve Balloons, provide exciting hot-air balloon rides over the Algarve and Alentejo. They have now joined forces with the Barlavento Balloons and Windpassenger to provide dizzying new airborn activities. Balloon flights in Portugal can be operated all year round. The most stable conditions are at sunrise as the winds can rise during the day.

During winter and autumn late afternoon flights are also possible.The flights are approximately one hour, followed by scrumptious picnic and bubbly making the day even more memorable! Perfect for celebrating a special occasion. By riding the winds of the Barrocal valleys in the western Algarve or the warmer breezes of the rolling hills of the Baixo Alentejo, Algarve Balloons colourful balloons will float over breathtaking views with no ties and no destination.


Based at the Aerodrome of Lagos, they are also an approved Training Centre for those wanting to get a balloon licence or a private to commercial licence.

This team was selected by the Portuguese and International Aeronautical Federation to represent Portugal in the European Women Championships.

You can buy tickets or long term vouchers for an ideal gift.

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