Top Markets & Malls in the Algarve

The Algarve boasts two major shopping complexes, as well as some smaller malls. Local and Gypsy Markets are held frequently throughout most of the cities and towns. As would be expected, small businesses and shops abound throughout the urban areas, particularly in the old town areas. Most businesses open between 9 or 10 am and close around 7 pm. They often close for lunch, although the Portuguese do not take a siesta, so shopping in the warmth of the afternoon is always an option. Prices must be displayed, and as with anywhere it's a good idea to make sure that you're paying the price on the tag. The VAT rate for in Portugal is currently 21% (charged on most goods and services). See below for a variety of shops that the Freemaps think are highlights of the Algarve!


One can't visit the Algarve without stopping in at one of the many markets. Local markets run frequently, selling fresh produce, seafood, and baked goods, while Gypsy markets have a huge variety of extremely inexpensive goods. Loule Market The place to find herbs, spices, cakes, fresh fish, sausage and bright flowers on a Saturday morning. Loule. 9 am - 2 pm Sat. Quateria Fish Market The best-loved fish market in the region, straight off the boat. 9am-1pm Wed. Olhao Market Fantastic place to shop for fresh fish, fruit, vegetables, and flowers. 7 am-2 pm Tue-Fri, 6:30am-3pm Sat.


The Algarve is home to four major shopping centers, all of which provide excellent opportunities for finding something interesting at a good price. Modelo Although modest in size compared to other malls in the area, Modelo is a Portuguese meeting place for young and old alike. Offering a large Continente grocery store, a 6-screen cinema, a variety of food options, and selection of stores, this mall can easily entertain one for an afternoon. Portimao, by the main round-about. Forum Algarve The biggest mall of its kind in the Algarve, this mall offers over 200 shops, an enormous hypermarket and a family entertainment center. Faro, on the EN125. Algarve Shopping Always busy and full of energy, this large mall offers a huge selection of high-quality stores, a cinema with the most comfortable seats in the area, large selection of culinary delights and a hypermarket. Guia, on the EN125. Quinta Shopping Open-air terraces and wide esplanades make this elegant mall the place to find designer fashion, jewelry, cosmetics and more. Almancil.