Every year, for the past 25 years, the FREEMAPS has had a Christmas get together to thank the hard working team who contribute to the companies yearly progress. This year the theme was Christmas Birthday to be celebrated together. Kathie from the Village Inn did a magnificent job of decorating the Birthday table with balloons, hats and streamers.
Amazingly there are some people that have been with FREEMAPS for over 20 years of celebrations.
Every one really enjoyed themselves.

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This years party goers were aged from two years to 67 years and it definitely seemed they all had a very good time! Eating drinking and singing karaoke!
The FREEMAPS members included Map distributors, client reps, graphic designers, our long standing computer ‘genius’, and the manager who is an ‘undertaker of all trades and definitely master of all’. It is really the wonderful team effort that is celebrated.

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Everyone met at the Village Inn and the evening started with tons of deep fried shrimp, followed by a wonderful dinner and a special dessert, prepared by Kathie and her staff.
Since the staff work across the Algarve this is the one time of the year they get to let their hair down and chat among themselves. A fun game of pass the parcel resulted in quite a few laughs.

Again this is a story told mostly in pictures of everyone having a relaxed and fun time!
As quite a few bottles of red were consumed, most people will undoubtedly be lying a bit low today!