The FREEMAPS team are long term residents of the Algarve, with a total of over 150 years of living here.

In addition their partners run businesses, based in the Algarve, including an entertainment company, a restaurant, a snack bar, an olive oil bottling & distribution company, a golf advice bureau or are teachers or distributers. This gives us a vast network of contacts to search out interesting places and things to do across the whole Algarve. Don’t hesitate to contact us for an answer to any obscure question you may have or even non obscure!

All establishments chosen for the FREEMAPS are individually sourced, anonymously tested, with FREEMAPS editors eating and paying as any other visitor would. We then write a ‘short story’ about the establishment faithful to our experience.

We have been redoing our web site every other year for the past ten years, and hope you find this new site easy to use, entertaining and informative. The first web site was done in 2000by Simon,the son of the founder of FREEMAPS in 2000,when he was a15 yrs. old student. He progressed to manage the upgrades of this site ever since. We are now working with David who has produced this new site that is easy to use, filled with good information & photos and most of all reliable.

The primary users of the FREEMAPS are families or the independent travellers to the Algarve. At the beginning of last year, a traveller spoke to one of our distributors and gave him a FREEMAP he had used on previous trips, and it was dated 1991, one of our first editions! The tri-annual updates of the map are done by our computer advisor Simon, who has worked for us for over 14 years. Our graphic designer Desmond has been with us 23 yrs.

Freemaps now publish 8 separate maps covering21 towns in the Algarve:

  • Albufeira ‘The Strip’ &Olhas d’Agua
  • Albufeira, Old Town
  • Alvor
  • Carvoeiro & Ferragudo
  • Gale & Armao de Pra
  • Lagos, Praia da Luz & Burgau
  • Portimo & Praia da Rocha
  • Vilamoura, Almancil, Quinta Do Lago, Vale do Lobo, Almancil & Quarteira

The FREEMAPS are available at most hotels or can be downloaded.

As we update our website we realize how many thousands of tourists have relied on the FREEMAPS to provide them with an accurate, independant guide and as we move further into the internet age we will continue to help you have a great holiday getting our info out top you on paper or the internet.

The editors & staff are always happy to receive your comments & suggestions so feel free to get in touch.

Happy Algarve trails!

Ann Lancaster, CEO

Tel. 919 912 246